Erectile Dysfunction symptoms and treatments

ED (Erectile dysfunction) is the the most common sexual problem among modern men. Sexual life disorders cause scandals in the family, difficulties in dealing with colleagues, etc. These factors become decisive in the development of serious long-term depressive disorders.

What is Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur in any man, regardless of his age and lifestyle. Problems can appear in 20-year-old guys, so as in 30-year-old gentlemen, and men over 50 years (read more about sexual life of a man after 40, part 2). They all have different causes of erectile dysfunction, and the disease itself can manifest in different ways.

Sometimes, the erection weakens once and is quickly restored. In this case, the cause of the erectile dysfunction is not terrible (for example, the patient is tired after work, or quarreled with his wife). To improve the erection, you don’t need to run to a doctor, just calm down, relax, or use a mild natural stimulant.

Until the cause of the disturbance is eliminated and natural restoration of the erection occurs, it can be stimulated with drugs.

In other cases, erectile dysfunction can occur regularly. So, it is very important to establish the cause. If this is a disease, then we must immediately start treatment. It can be diabetes, CNS diseases, prostate inflammation, adenoma or swelling in the prostate, testis, hormonal failures, trauma to the urogenital system, and other health problems.

Erectile dysfunction pills

Ed drugsMedicines with inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This is the main and most powerful stimulant, which quickly increases blood flow to the genital organs and thereby temporarily eliminates disturbances, causing a strong and long erection.

These drugs include all known pills like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra.

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Medicines that include NO-synthase activators. The principle of action of these drugs is based on the reduction of muscle spasms and the activation of blood supply to the genitals.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation refers to one of the most common types of sexual disorders. Because of this, millions of men can not satisfy the partner and get pleasure from sexual intercourse. However, this disease will not pose a great danger to the couple’s intimate life if a man uses modern medicine in time. Because drugs for the treatment of premature ejaculation such as Priligy or dapoxetine solve this delicate problem in a short time.

Solutions to restore male power

Success in correcting an erection with help of ED Means depends on the neglect of the pathology that caused erectile dysfunction. If the disease was identified in the initial stages, then the treatment will be relatively simple, and the erectile ability will return quickly. If the disease is more complicated (for example, impotence has come), then it is necessary to treat for a long time (sometimes the therapy lasts for 6–10 months).

There are different tablets, ointments, creams, the purpose of which is to strengthen the erectile function of men. The principle of action of these stimulants depends on what is included in their composition:


Drugs of this group are available in pharmacies and only on medical prescriptions. They have a powerful effect and possess quite a lot of contraindications and are prescribed only as a radical measure of treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by a deficiency of testosterone or another hormone.

Important Note

It is important to know one fact about the medications listed above: none of the agents (except for hormonal preparations) cure a man. They only temporarily relieve the symptom. After the active substance of the drug is removed from the body, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction return. That’s why drugs for strengthening the erection available at ED Means should not abolish the medical treatment prescribed by the doctor. Stimulants can be taken only in parallel with the primary treatment, and then the disease will be defeated!