Aurogra is a safe and effective ED medicine. Men with erectile dysfunction can use this drug to help them get firmer and longer-lasting erections provided that you’re sexually stimulated. Aurogra is produced by Aurochem Laboratories, which is a leading pharmaceutical supplier and manufacturer. The company’s got a GMP approval by the World Health Organization for high-standards production and quality control.

The medication can take about half an hour to work, and its effect lasts up to 4 hours. It contains the same medicine as “the little blue pill” and lasts just as long. The only difference between the two is the way it looks – brand medication is a blue diamond-shaped pill, and Aurogra’s color can be blue or pink.

But the main difference is the price. Pfizer can charge a little bit more for their medication because they were well-known and trusted brand, and they want to see some return that the investment that they made. Therefore, their medicines cost several times more than analogs.

People often ask if generic drugs like Aurogra are just as safe as their branded counterparts. The answer is yes because, in the US, all of the medication goes through under the same rigorous testing, so the choice is completely up to you whichever drug you choose. You can be assured that both are active in the same way and be as effective as each other.

AXIS Pharmacy

Available dosages: 100 mg pills
Price: starts from $1.02

What customers say:

Axis Pharmacy is the cutest boutique pharmacy I have ever visited. Not only can you have your prescriptions filled here, but you can browse the holistic supplements and organic skincare lines. Axis pharmacy also holds incredibly informative classes (that typically are accompanied by a discount to the boutique!). Make sure to stop by or frequent the pharmacy if you are in the Mountlake Terrace neighborhood.

Spring Green Pharmacy

Available dosages: 100 mg pills
Price: starts from $1.05

What customers say:

This is a simply stunning pharmacy and wellness boutique! Very open and inviting with a great range of holistic products organized in easy to find displays. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful with recommendations! They also have fun and informative classes and events throughout the month, ranging from making kombucha to learning about the benefits of essential oils and everything in between! I’d 100% recommend this pharmacy for all your needs!

Pharm House Drug

Available dosages: 100 mg pills
Price: starts from $1.1

What customers say:

The extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff alone is well worth the visit! On top of that, my medications are always ready for me before I even need them; and if for some reason I can’t pick them up, they always either send them to me or deliver them personally!! I’m a customer for life!!

Apothecary of Medical Associates

Available dosages: 100 mg pills
Price: starts from $1.2

What customers say:

I almost don’t want to give a review bc this is my little hidden gem lol. I have a family of 5, and we have used so many different pharmacies… this one by far is the best! The staff is so knowledgeable and so helpful. If they don’t have a prescription you need, they will order it and have it ready for pick up the next day. They are patient and explain/recommend products, even alternatives to pricey medications. They really care about their customers, and that is so rare these days! Paras is my absolute fav staff member! Him alone earns this pharmacy a 5-star review, in my opinion! Keep up the great work.

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